Thursday, January 13, 2011

After my self obsessed stint on this blog, I've decided to go back to being the good samaritan y'all love.

The movies:

Easy A - Please do watch. Story of a good girl pretending to have gone bad and how her life goes down down downhill from there. Emma Stone is a brilliant actress and I went back to looking at Penn Badgley as his previous pre-Gossip-Girl-days self.

Black Swan - I'm still a little confused as to how I feel about this movie. What is a certainty is that Natalie Portman REALLY needed to get some. According to me, (and I hope I don't get killed by the fans), Mila Kunis was sort of wasted and the movie was very so-so. The last fifteen minutes was very spectacularly filmed, though.

Tangled - Watch watch watch! Modern day Rapunzel story with the cutest male lead (coming second only to Aladdin. I don't know how Disney always manages to come up with the most gorgeous Prince Charmings! *sigh*) and very beautifully animated.

The Notebook - FINALLY watched it and LOVED it. Ryan Gosling is my new favourite actor. (Him being absolutely gorgeous also adds to that!) A little long but altogether a nice story and decent performances.

Lars and the Real Girl - Very cryptic movie. I watched it mainly to satisfy my new-found Ryan Gosling obsession. Its a movie about a mentally ill man who falls in love with an 'anatomically correct' doll. (Don't ask me, the term actually exists!). I liked it, but I don't think it's everybody's cup of tea.

Little Fockers - Oh watch. Definitely do watch. It's a little dragged and cliched and you really want to smack Jessica Alba on her face at the end of it, but it's actually funny (which I really didn't think it'd be).

Blue Valentine - I. Honestly. Don't. Know.

The music (discovered, REdiscovered):

If you were here - Carey Brothers.

Naked as we came - Iron and Wine.

Don't you forget about me - Simple minds (Forgive me, I went on an 80s music spree)

Graduation Song - Chris Issak.

As you can see, I've been spending my time rather constructively over the last few weeks. Actually, I did manage to make a trip to Vegas and Boston over my break. And boy, were they totally worth it. Vegas was a completely impulsive completely worth trip. And Boston, left. me. speechless. It's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and snow is my new favouritest thing in the world!

I leave you guys with this. See y'all later!

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