Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's been a while. I have a bunch of drafts which all begin this way. Let's see if this one actually makes it out to the big bad world of the internet.

For those who care:
Where-abouts, what-abouts?

Still in LA, actually I have a new home. Sorry it's not new really, it's been home for the last six months, at Burbank. Did I say Burbank, why yes, yes I did. Did I mention I work at Disney Animation? I DIDN'T!? Blasphemy! It HAS been incredibly long since my last post. After my rollercoaster of a life since graddy day last May, I think I finally landed on solid ground (in that aspect). And it was an amazing ride! And guess what, it still is! :) I'm going to take this opportunity and tell you guys to watch 'Wreck-it Ralph', out in theaters Nov. 2nd. It's a movie about a arcade game villain, trying to prove that he can be a hero of sorts too, which also yours truly is currently working on.

 Have I mentioned I love my job? :)

I'm also going to take a moment to again explain to you guys the awesomeness of being optimistic. Blind faith, y'all. Seriously. Believe it'll happen. And. It. Will. It really truly will. Remember all that jazz about the universe coming together to give you what you truly want. It's all true. It will happen if you want it to, badly enough.

Ah, don't you love me? Along with motivational speeches you also get E! news worthy information. What would you do without me? Huh huh huh?

This post goes out to Aditi, who was kind enough to point out I don't blog anymore. And I thought, enough is enough! The world needs a little bit of awesomeness in their life. And if I can be that source, I definitely will!

That's it for now! But I will be back. Soon. Y'all need me! :)


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Adi said...


I can't believe you actually listened to me and it took me this long to see the result! Irony, really! But but but but.... yay to having "all that jazz" about awesomeness back!

I still hate you and your job though :D