Monday, June 6, 2011

The real post

I hope this doesn't turn out to be as whiny as it seems in my head.

The leave of absence was longer than expected. I've been busy, not-so-busy and a lot in between.
Fine, since you asked nicely, the updates:
- graduated. Double degree'd. And thank you!
- completed an amazing internship at DreamWorks. Yes, I DO KNOW! And with the most amazing set of bosses ever.
- tattoo'd! YES.
- one amazing week in New York, complete with the Met, a Broadway musical and family. New York is currently on my would-not-mind-working-inspite-of-the-snow city! WOW, what a city!
- and.. currently unemployed.

OK, I just changed my mind, there shall be no whining in this post.

The last four months of my life have literally been perfect. And I wouldn't change anything! Look where I've come, from always wanting a flight ticket back home to not changing anything. Aren't you proud of me!? I'll never forget the feeling I had at the end of my first day at work. I was waiting for my roommate to pick me up. I sat on a bench nursing my foot, those blasted formal shoes. I sat there and it dawned on me. I had, at that moment, exactly what I wanted. And I was happy. And I felt that way, each and every single day I was there. (Well, the days I decided not to overthink, that is) Faith reaffirmed etc.

Which makes now, kind of unbearable. The in-between-ness. (Wow, I just double hyphenated) The invading thoughts that push me to just try getting any job, rather than THE job. The feelings of just 'bleaargh', you know.

But a wise person once told me, you don't want it bad enough if you give up. So here's to sucking it up, and just keeping an erase button at the end of each day. And. just. believing!

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Iceman said...

This went from 'Whine' post to 'I have the most amazing life ever' post to 'Now where do I go from here' post.

Which tells me that you have been enjoying. Very good :)

Sometimes when we don't know what we are doing, the best thing is to suck it up and stick around till things become clear.